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"Since my trips to Earth, I've only managed to assemble a few basics facts about humans, condensing them in to four, overall points: kids got Reese's, teens got recess, adults got recessions, and seniors got receding."
Cupid's Academy: The Miseducation of Mergatroyd, Love God in Training - Tai Odunsi


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Cupid's Academy by Tai Odunsi
Cupid's Academy by Tai Odunsi

Troyd isn't like most teenage gods. He's not extraordinary — he's extra ordinary.

He lives on Mount Olympus, where the gods have day jobs working for major gods like Zeus. But rather than being a delivery boy for Mercury, a firefighter for Prometheus, or a wine steward for Dionysus, Troyd dreams of becoming the kind of god people will remember: a Love god like his idol, Cupid.

Long ago, Cupid used his bow and arrow to become the king of matchmaking. But when Cupid retired, he opened Cupid's Academy, a school where teenage gods and goddesses, now armed with magic pistols and love potions, study to become Love gods, matchmakers for the human race.

To graduate, Troyd must improve his grades. But soon his overzealousness lands him in hot water with the headmaster, getting him suspended. Yet to get back in, Troyd is forced to leave Mount Olympus for Earth, where he uncovers a secret that may shut down the Academy forever — only to find help from a girl who gets him to see love from a different point of view.

Cupid's Academy: The Miseducation of Mergatroyd, Love god in Training is a humorous adventure filled with lovable characters, stays true to the classic Greek stories, and is a great way to introduce young adults, ages 10 to 16, to a modernized version of the Greek and Roman mythology.

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